Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And So It Begins!

So we are currently "in" the home study process! We have had two meetings already with our social worker at the adoption agency, and have our third one this Friday.  This is where our social worker will meet and talk with Randy and I seperately and then we will schedule our last meeting which will be here at our home!

Along with the meetings we have also been busy doing all our "assignments" and processing our paperwork. We each have completed and turned in our autobiographies and are now plugging through the 5 online training videos and the readings we need to complete.

Yesterday, we had our 2nd Home Study meeting and we got a TON more paperwork and a checklist of all the required documents we will need. There is a LOT and I have a pretty good feeling this is only the beginning! : ) When we got home I went right online and ordered our marriage and birth certificates, and mailed off the paperwork for my new passport. (Name change needed!) This week we will be heading off to the police station for a clearance letter, our bank for a reference letter, and also be talking to our HR departments for an employment letter of recommendation and statement of salary, and will be calling our primary care physicians to get appointments for physicals. So much to do, but I am so excited as I truly feel like we are really in it now and on our way to bringing our child home! : )