Sunday, March 20, 2011

What else is there to say except....Wow!

So, last night our family and friends had a fundraising party to help us with our adoption!  The "Bringing Home Baby Belanger" event they put together for us was truly amazing! There were over 125 of our family and friends there, and everyone's generosity and support was so humbling. It was so heart warming to see all the support we have on this journey! We are very lucky to have such amazing, loving people around us, and it makes me feel so good to know that so will our child! It was such a fun wonderful night, but I have to admit also a little overwhelming too! 

We are just at the beginning of this process, and while everyone was so happy for us, and congratulating us, I know we have months of waiting ahead of us, and then, the craziness of making 3 trips to Russia and of course, figuring out how we are going to come up with the finances to pay for it all! As exciting as it is, it can be sort of scary too!! It will all be worth it in the end!

While I'm being honest, I have to admit I did get a bit sad for a moment last night as well. Here we were surrounded by our friends and family who love us, while our child waits, alone, in a baby home on the other side of the world. Yes, I know that our child is being taken care of, and that this whole event was to help bring him/her home, yet I just hope that they know and can feel how loved and cherished they already are! Okay, back to the good and the positive...It was an absolutely amazing night, and we are so grateful and thankful for all that we have!!

So.. the other Wow! We have finished our homestudy and were told by our agency that we will definitely be going to Moscow! They were also able to provide us with a "guesstimate" to when we'd recieve a referral!! We were told that the way the program is moving right now we should expect a referral in early fall!!! That's only like 6 months away!!!! Oh, we were SO excited! Yes, we know that things could change, get delayed, or slow down, so I don't want to "count" on that and get my hopes up too much... but I can't help but think, if we did get a referral in September and all works out, we could have our child home with us by the holidays! Oh, there is nothing that would be more perfect than to have our child home for Christmas!!(Fingers crossed!!!) : ) If not, we know that this is happening and that we are truly on our way to getting our child and need to just be patient.. All will play out the way it's suppose to!

So, what else is there to say except....Wow! We have wonderful family and friends! Wow! We are going to Moscow!! Wow! We are really doing this!!!! : )