Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is Here!

I feel like I haven't written in so long, but basically that is because there has NOT been much to write! We are in a very quiet period in this process, where there is nothing for us to do but... continue to wait! Our  agency keeps telling us that we should still expect a referral in early fall, which I realized today.. isn't that far away!

Today, it was over 90 degrees and it's going to be even hotter tomorrow! I'd say summer is "officially" here, which means we are that much closer to our referral and meeting our little one!! We have 11 more days of school... (Would be only 7 if it wasn't for the snow days!) and then I'm on summer break! I remember as a kid how LONG that summer vacation seemed to be! Well as a teacher, I have to say, it FLIES by, and before you know it's over, and we're back at school meeting our new class! So, if that pattern continues then hopefully the time will fly by until we get our referral!!!

Of course, being me, I'm now starting to worry that our first trip to Russia is going to be the week I go back to school! I'm just hoping that I get just a few days with my kids to get settled before we have to go! My social worker told me last week.. "You're going to get your referral right as your school year starts!" Ugh!! I am nervous! If they want us there the week school starts, can I postpone by a few days? Do they let us do that or would that push us back? I know I shouldn't worry! I love my job and my students but this is our child and our life! I just would not feel right about NOT being there the first few days! I know, I  know.. I should not worry about it and just believe that all is going to work out! : )

So 11 days until the school year is over, then we've got our appointment for finger prints at USCIS on the 29th, and then... maybe we'll finally order the bedding and begin to paint the nursery! Actually, when I think about how quickly the last five months have gone by.. I'm thinking that these last few months should go quickly! I hope so!! : )

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  1. I used to worry about the timing of our referral and trips too with school but trust me when I tell you that the moment you see your little one none of that will matter! Don't get me wrong-I love my job and being a teacher but being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world! Your priorities will shift so much once you have your little one. Everybody kept telling me that but I didn't realize it until it was happening. The only timing that will truly matter will be the timing of things for your little one! I hope YOUR summer flies by (I remember feeling the same way last summer!) and MY summer goes by VERY slowly-lol! Just think about how different your summer will be next year! :) Your backyard will end up looking like ours does now! I just posted pics today and thought wow-what a difference from last year!!!!