Friday, February 24, 2012

We're Getting So Close!!!

So, first I should say sorry to all who read my last post, which I now refer to as "My Freakout!" Ha. I have to say though, my mini meltdown in Babies R US, and then writing about how I was feeling on our blog, actually helped so much! I haven't felt overwhelmed or stressed since!! I just needed to get it all out of me I guess! : ) Let's all be honest, this journey, as wonderful as it ends, has many emotional ups and downs as you are so excited to be told in court you're a parent, but then just 2 hours later... you are saying goodbye to your child for another 5 weeks... It's not easy for sure, but it's 100% worth it! 

Now, we are just SO SO close I don't feel anything but excitement!! Like a little kid waiting for Christmas x 1000! Everything we have been through in the last year, all the running around, expenses, changing of agencies, waiting, traveling, waiting again, it' almost over!! We are rounding the bend, and it feels so amazing!! 

I have had this week off due to February vacation, and Randy & I have gotten some last minute stuff done around the house! Opened the baby monitor and tested it out, baby-proofed the kitchen and bathroom, shopped (surprise, surprise!) , oh and we made his 1st appointment with our international adoption specialist at Tufts in Boston! Not to mention, we've gotten lots of "good stuff" in the mail this week! We got our passports back yesterday with our 3rd and final visas inside, we also received Brayden's airline ticket, and HE got his own mail from my great-aunt Pat! Inside was a St. Patrick's Day bib that says "Kiss me I'm Irish!" Ha. (Well.. He's NOT really Irish.... I guess by default he will be 1/2 now?!)  It just all felt so amazing! Yes! He will be here for St. Patrick's Day, and Easter, and my papa's 83rd birthday (His great-grandfather!!)  Finally, all the holidays, family gatherings, birthday parties, etc. He WILL be there for!!! Sigh. Feels amazing. 

So just one more full week to get through and we are on our way! I go back to school Monday for just 5 days!! Those 5 days of work will FLY by, and then we're leaving to finally bring our son home! I can't wait!!! 

Thanks again to ALL of my blogger friends out there who have been such an amazing support system for me as we go through this! I truly learned so much from those of you who have done it before me and just hope that I can offer some advice or assistance to others as well!! 


  1. So so happy for you! We're a few weeks behind you, heading back for our Pipsqueak mid-March. We're parents of a brood already so I can help you a bit on the food. What we noticed with Pip is that he doesn't know how to chew, because they've eaten only that porridge. So we're buying pouch foods to take with. You can fit 5x as many pouches as jars. We're getting sprout, ellas organic, and you might consider Nurtur me as well. That's dehydrated, so they're super light. Especially since your guy is a little younger than ours. Boon makes a spoon that fits onto the Plum organics pouches, and that will be super handy for the plane. You can buy all of this at diapers dot com. They have free rush shipping too. One thing I learned from another blog is to take double the formula you think you need, because her critter would only take formula. We're taking 2 cans formula (Earth's best if you care) and I'm estimating 4 pouches a day because I think he may also eat fresh fruit, oatmeal & rice. Did you get a couple different bottles? He might have a preference, and we found the bottles there not so great. We're taking playtex because of the disposable liners, and pacifier wipes to clean the nipples in a pinch. Feel free to email me if you want to bounce any other ideas. Our guy is 21 months, and I'm bringing 9-12 mos clothes. it's mitchellsmakingthemost at gmail dot com. Best of luck to you!

  2. I Maura,
    I just want to say a little Hello and Congrats for your little boy...
    You should be together from this time being... lucky you!!!
    Our court date is on March 21!!! We hope everything will be fine like yours.

    A new life begin...
    Best luck to all of you

  3. How are you guys doing? How is everything moving along?