Monday, December 19, 2011

Our boy is 11 months old today!

Brayden was 9 1/2 months old when we met him, and today he turns 11 months old! January can't get here fast enough! One more month and we'll be back to Moscow and able to see our son again!!! While, we still haven't got our official court date, we were told by our agency last week that they spoke with our coordinator in Moscow and our court date will be sometime AFTER January 15th but BEFORE the end of the month.  So, there is a chance we might be there for his 1st birthday on January 19th or else we'll be heading over soon after! We won't get official word until after the holiday which means we'll be scrambling to make travel plans again and get our visas in order!! What else would we expect, right?

We were also told that the "mandatory" 30 day wait-time after court IS going into affect January, 2012 and it looks like we will have to come home, and then go back in February to get him. It's sort of strange, because as much as we miss our son more than anything, and want nothing more than to bring him home for good... I have to say, I wasn't as upset as I thought I'd be when I heard. Maybe it was because we got a heads up and were prepared for the news? Or maybe it is also because it takes the whole decision of whether or not we were going to combine trips 2 and 3 or go back two more times, off the table. We now definitely have to come home in between,  so the stress of trying to decide what to do is gone. Yes, of course, it sucks that he won't be home sooner, and that we have to fly back and forth TWO more times, but we now can come home and get any last things done. We aren't going to be in a whirlwind traveling back and forth to Russia in under 2 weeks! we will truly have time to get any last minute things done, and can sort of do this in baby steps. Trip 2 we can just concentrate on court and we get to see our boy !! Then we come home and get everything together that we need for him and Trip 3!

Yes... now I need to take another 5 day leave from work, but this also means that I won't go out on my adoption leave until later in February which means I don't go back to work until May! So, I will only be back at work for about a month before I am out for the summer and have all that time to be home with my little man! Yahoo! (Oh, I can't wait to take him to the beach!!!)

Another thing that is keeping me a bit positive, is I just keep thinking how we got our referral SO MUCH quicker than we expected and when I think about that, I realize that he is still going to be home with us months earlier than we originally thought so we can do this! We were expecting to receive our referral in "early 2012"! However, we got it in October! We  are going to have Brayden home for good in 2012! So when I think of that, I can't help but feel grateful! We are truly getting the little boy that was meant to be our son and these few months of waiting and missing him so much will all be worth it when he is home with us!!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!! : )

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  1. All postive good stuff and that is all we can focus on otherwise we would go razy.....our agency hasn't said a word about the 30 days although I think they just want to focus on the court date. We are praying it is sooner rather then later!!! It's all good!