Saturday, January 7, 2012

Court Date!

Happy New Year!! 2012 is going to be a great year!!! : ) Our agency called on Tuesday with good news! We have our court date! In just over two weeks we'll FINALLY be reunited with Brayden!!! Our trip is crazy quick though! We leave MA on Saturday the 21st and fly home Wednesday the 25th!  We will get to Russia on Sunday, spend Monday at the baby home with Brayden, Our court appt. is Tuesday morning and then we fly home Wednesday!! Talk about a whirlwind!! Our agency did tell us that we should be able to go visit him quick on Tuesday afternoon after court as well. (fingers crossed we can!)

So for all those who are unsure... Yup. The 30 day wait is "in effect". (At least in Moscow..) We haven't received our Trip 3 travel dates yet as we were told that our coordinator wants to check with the court on the exact date we can pick him up from the baby home. She explained to me that it could be a few days less or even a day or two more depending on how the days in the week fall. 30 days from our court date is Thursday, February 23rd! So we are thinking we'll either leave the weekend before that or the weekend of the 25th-26th! Obviously, we are hoping we get to pick him up a few days EARLY!! : ) 

Brayden will turn one on January 19th. We were really hoping we'd be over for court for his birthday, but at least we'll be seeing him just a few days later. We are so excited to be with our boy again! I keep wondering what it will be like when we see each other again. Will he remember us? Will he have more teeth? Will he be walking? (I hope not!) The next two weeks can't go by fast enough! My gut and my heart thinks that he will know us when he sees us again. Especially if the caretakers are really showing him the photo book we left for him! I mean those four visits with Randy and I on trip 1 were just so amazing and the way his face lit up when he saw us on the 2nd day just warmed my heart. He was so happy to see us again! I would LOVE to see that look again! It would make waiting these last two months worth every second!! : ) 

Lastly, for any moms out there who already brought their little ones home, any good ideas for gifts for the caretakers??! We were told by agency to buy 10 small gifts (under $20 each.) to bring with us. I have a few ideas(thought about pashinas or scarfs, lotion from B&Body works,  or some fun necklaces? I am also thinking about 10 gifts that will be easy to pack as well!! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!!! 


  1. Yeah! That's wonderful news. That 30 day wait stinks. As for gifts, I gave the baby home an ornament with a picture of he 3 of us together. The head caretaker was very touched. From what I have heard, they get a lot of necklaces.

  2. I took mini zipper pouches from 31 (go to if you don't have your own 31 consultant). I filled them with cute nail files, mini lotions from B&Body works, and anything else small and useful I could find. The bags are super handy and cute too! If you have questions about court, we just had court...not in the same region, but I'd be happy to answer questions you have!!

    1. Thank you so much for the idea!! We ended up doing almost the SAME thing so I appreciate it!! Hope all is going well over there! You are so close to bringing your daughter home!! Good luck with everything and safe travels!!

  3. That does stink about the 30 day wait. I'm hoping for a referral soon. This wait is hard enough. I know it will be so much harder after I meet him or her.
    I'm very happy for you. He's almost home!

  4. Wow that is great news!! Did you even get your FBI cleareances back - it takes 8 weeks & I'm thinking that they won't even file it until thay hear we have ours back? Also the fact we are in a region with one judge who does adoptions once a month - is what I've been told.
    And then the the 30 days on top of that really stinks!!

    As far as gifts - we were advised against anything made in "China" they want things that are made in America - that isn't an easy task these days!! LOL.

    I'm sure he will remeber you - pretty pretty sure so don't worry!


    1. Hi Darlene!!

      Sorry for the delayed response here! We did get our FBI clearances back. We sent them out at the end of the summer and got them back right before we left for trip 1, right around the time we got our referral actually. Oh my god, they took FOREVER! 10 weeks I think!

      Yeah I'm pretty sure you are right, you can't go to court without them! So frustrating!! Hope they get there quickly, and that you hear about your court date soon!!! : )

    2. That is great - I wish our agency thought or would have allowed us to do the same!! We should have them within the next week and are hoping we have court in March- that is my guess and I'm hoping not longer then that! Safe travels!

  5. COngrats!!! A 30 day wait...yuck!
    We took scarves and bath and body works type stuff. Good luck! It will be great!
    If you have any questions about court let me know. We were in Moscow Region.

  6. Hurray! So happy you have a court date! The end is in sight!

    Best wishes for a safe trip, and an easy, breezy court experience!